Thursday, January 20, 2011

Minnesota Trip

I have fallen behind with the blogging lately.

My trip to northern Minnesota was a fun but sadly over. The boys and I had a wonderful time trying to fit in all of Duluth's many winter activities.

Pottery Painting:

This was a first for me, but the boys were old veterans at painting pottery. Dalton with his tank and Dayton with his snowman mug. It was a popular place, we ran into some old friends of theirs painting pottery for Christmas gifts. What a wonderful idea. Maybe next year.


This was a surprise for me. I'm so use to going to aquariums on the coast with all of the ocean wildlife that I was not expecting an aquarium which focused on river & lake wildlife. It was very interesting and focused a large portion on forestry. I did really like the parrot, which I don't think was native to Minnesota but had been donated.

Ice Skating:

We spent a few minutes out ice skating on the pond in our shoes. I had never been ice skating outdoors, when I told the boys this there question was "where else would you skate, ice melts indoors." Next summer when they are visiting I will have to take them to the local mall, where we have an ice skating rink.


This is one of the main winter attractions in Duluth. It is a city of lights full of fun activities; Santa, Mrs. Clause, Snowmen, Reindeer. Also, cookies, hot coco, & roasting marshmallows. We had a lot of fun even in the freezing weather. I think the night we went it got down to negative 12 degrees. So cold!

Lake Superior:

I made the boys walk down to the lake with me one day. I really wanted to get pictures of the ice floating in the lake. It was so cold, we almost froze our noses off.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and Priscilla is healing nicely from her surgery. What a Blessing!


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