Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I take my knitting everywhere

I get teased quite a bit, mainly from my sisters, regarding the ever present knitting project in my purse. For the most part I don't leave the house without my knitting, and usually there is room in my purse to stash a small project like a sock or hat. You just never know when your going to be stuck someplace with valuable time to knit. This practice was justified this weekend, coming back from a short trip to visit my parents. Driving down the gorge there was a pretty bad accident which had traffic stopped in both lanes. I was actually stopped for 45 minutes before traffic started inching along. So for 45 minutes, I was not going out of my mind with boredom or falling asleep or thinking about how long it was taking. I was sitting calmly in my car knitting my sock.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is always a big event in my house mainly because we love all things Irish. This year we invited a variety of friends over for an Irish themed dinner which included the basics - corned beef, cabbage, & potatoes; as well as a selection of Irish cheeses and Irish soda bread.

We learned that when making Irish soda bread it is very important to cut a cross in it (to let the fairy's out, as the old wives tale goes) otherwise it continues to rise in the oven until it hits the top.

I also invited some friends who were vegetarian & vegan which provided a fun challenge to come up with a tasty Irish meal for them to enjoy as well. I finally decided to make a vegan "Shepperd's Pie" which turned out to be quite good. At our local Fred Meyers I found vegan "meat" made from lentils as well as vegan Worcestershire sauce. I mixed in a variety of veggies - carrots, peas, & corn. Then topped it with a potato & sweet potato mash. A very sucessful endeavor.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

February Happenings

Well, February just flew by before I knew it. I was a little late finishing my sock of the month but I did finish it within the first week of March so I am still counting it as keeping my New Years resolution. So now I have one complete pair of sock done toward my goal of 6 pairs for the year. Yay!

I also kept up with my reading keeping on track for my 52 books in 52 weeks.

week 1: New Faces of Small Town America by Edgar Sandoval
week 2: Affairs in Thrush Green by Miss. Read
week 3: The Lost Art of Reading by David Ulin
week 4: Breath of Autumn by Lillian Beckwith

All very good books.

February started with some very nice weather in Portland, which fooled me into thinking that it was spring and that I should do some yard work & plant flower bulbs. And then of course in promptly snowed. This last week the weather has turned warm again so I'm hoping that spring really is on the way and I may start getting my raised vegetable beds ready for planting.


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