Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It is extremely hectic at work right now, so it was really nice to have a lazy Sunday.

I had spent the night at my friend Marcia's while her husband was on a fishing trip to help with the baby. I was able to sleep in a few hours which is always nice and then we slowly got ready for the day. We then took Mayson (2 months old) in the stroller and the dog and walked to a coffee shop a few blocks away. We got coffee & split a really yummy slice of banana bread. Then we set off for the Montavilla Farmer's Market, which was small but a nice variety of fresh fruits & veggies.

On our way back we ran across a tiny mole, running across the sidewalk and down the street. This was our first sighting of a wild creature with Mayson. But he was unimpressed and went back to sleep.Marcia's Grandpa then showed up with his Honda CRV for Marcia to test drive. He had heard she was looking for a new car with more room and he thought she might like to take a look at his small SUV.

Mayson and I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out while Marcia did housework. It seemed like a good trade. I got to play with the baby & she got to vacuum & shampoo the stairs.
Here's a cute picture of Mayson in the new Owl outfit I got him.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Janapese Hot Pot

This week my friend Azumi from Tokyo Japan was visiting. We have had a wonderful time shopping, getting pedicures, and visiting. She also came over and taught my roommates and I how to make Japanese Hot Pot.

What we put into the Hot Pot:

Moshi pieces (pounded rice patties)


White Onions

Undon Noodles

Mushrooms (which I stayed away from)

Beef, thinly sliced


This was all cooked in a boiling broth for 10 minutes and then we added citrus soy sauce to our bowls. It was very yummy and I'msure we will end up making this quite often during the winter months.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party Decorations

Saturday was my friend Danielle's wedding and I was the on the decorating crew for the reception.

The decorating took almost longer then the reception itself.
Somehow I was volunteered to hang material from the ceiling of the ballroom. So, I had to climb on this gigantic ladder, stand atop this tiny little platform and hammer the material onto this tiny ledge right below the ceiling. The effect was beautiful, however I am not a professional, nor do I ever want to be. It was an experience.

It was an outdoor wedding in Colton, OR and this being western Oregon in June, it did rain. Although it wasn't a bad rain. Both the wedding and the reception turned out beautiful.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orkney take 2

I am pleased to say that I survived Orkney without any surgery or hospital stays. Although I did get a bad cold the last week after people had been saying all weekend that I had made it through all healthy. After I got sick people started asking me if I would ever go back to Orkney considering every time I get sick. The answer is YES, I love Orkney, it may be my favorite place in Scotland.
My first weekend up in Orkney it was folk festival time. I went to a concert on friday night which was a folk concert and it was great. The main band that played is from Orkeny and I enjoyed them so much I went and bought their CD. Saturday night I went to a pipe band concert. If you have ever heard the bagpipes you know they are loud, well think of 20 in a gym! It was very loud but really cool. It was really exciting to listen to them. Also watching the drummers was a lot of fun. All the band were really talented!

One Weekend I went to Shapinsay, one of the smaller islands only a 20 min boat ride from Kirkwal, and went on about a 10 mile walk with a friend. My friend was training for a half marathon walk for charity but we survived with no problem. It was a beautiful day, windy but that is Orkney. The sun was shinning so it was good. The island is very small with a tiny village and then farms throughout.

This past weekend I rented a bicycle and went on about a 14 mile adventure on saturday and then spent sunday not being able to sit. I tried for a second trip Monday morning but only made it about 2 miles and was in tons of pain. My legs were fine it was just sitting on the seat. Saturday was cold and cloudy but still a lot of fun. Sunday though I went out to a private beach with friends from church and learned how to play rounders and a game called the chair.

Placement was amazing and I learned a lot. I got to do outpatients, observe women's health, outpatient respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation. I worked under two very experienced physio's and had a great time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hi everyone! So I know you haven't heard from me in a while, I've been extremely busy with classes. But today was EWU graduation I went to see all of my friends graduate. It was a beautiful sunny day! In fact, I got a pretty bad sunburn on my back while I was there. It was pretty sad seeing all of my friends graduate, but I survived and I am really excited for it to be me next year! After graduation I went and visited just about all of my friends, taking a million pictures!
Now that graduation is over, I get to start my first summer in cheney. I have a week break before jumping back into summer school! It should be an fun summer.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rose Festival

Last week was the annual Rose Festival in Portland. Saturday morning was the Grand Floral Parade, which I attended the first time, and had lots of fun. In the rain of course, because it would not be Rose Fest without rain.

My roommate Heidi, her kids (Christian & Emily), and I left our house around 8:30 to walk to the parade route (about 10 blocks from the house). We lucked out and found the best spot, outside the Marriot hotel where there was a bench & covering. Plus it was only a block away from Starbucks - where Heidi & I went as soon as we got the kids settled.

The parade was great, our favorite float was the Reeser's float, the governer's prize winner, which was Beauty & the Beast themed. All the floats were beautiful, its amazing how they can decorate with plants & seeds and get everything so perfect. Wow!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Friday evening our barbaque clean up was interrupted by a furry visitor. This racoon wondered in through the hole in our fence and spend about 15 minutes exploring the backyard. Later, after dark we think we saw this same racoon crossing the street with a baby. This probably means that it will be a big racoon summer.

This weekend also marked the last of the baby showers & bridal showers for the spring. I attended one on Saturday & one on Sunday.


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