Monday, June 8, 2009

Rose Festival

Last week was the annual Rose Festival in Portland. Saturday morning was the Grand Floral Parade, which I attended the first time, and had lots of fun. In the rain of course, because it would not be Rose Fest without rain.

My roommate Heidi, her kids (Christian & Emily), and I left our house around 8:30 to walk to the parade route (about 10 blocks from the house). We lucked out and found the best spot, outside the Marriot hotel where there was a bench & covering. Plus it was only a block away from Starbucks - where Heidi & I went as soon as we got the kids settled.

The parade was great, our favorite float was the Reeser's float, the governer's prize winner, which was Beauty & the Beast themed. All the floats were beautiful, its amazing how they can decorate with plants & seeds and get everything so perfect. Wow!


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