Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Food

I spent the weekend hanging out with my best friend Marcia and her family. It was a fun girls weekend, filled with window shopping, drinking coffee, and knitting. One of the best parts was making our own homemade baby food for her little boy Mayson. It was so easy and fun, I'm not sure why parents don't do this more often. My favorite recipe we made was:

1 organic sweet potato
1 organic gala apple
1 tablespoon organic cinnamon
juice from 1/2 an organic orange

clean, peel, & cut the sweet potato & apple into medium/small chunks. Boil with cinnamon until soft. Let cool. Combine food with orange juice in blender. Blend until smooth. Place in ice cube trays & freeze.

It took about 30 minutes, very little mess and was really good. This is something I might eat.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter so far

Oh look how good I'm doing, more posts this month than both my sisters! whaoooo! I thought I would take sometime to give everyone a little up date on my adventures in the second grade, really I'm procrastinating on my homework teehee. This past Wednesday I taught my first lesson on penguins and how they are effected by humans. It was a tough lesson to plan/teach, but it was very successful and the kids really had fun learning about different ways humans can effect penguins through oil spills, collecting guano (which is their droppings and humans use it as fertilizer), pollution, and overfishing. They also loved getting to share their learning with their classmates and the other second graders. The lesson was a bit of a challenge because I didn't have my actual class, my cooperating teacher and the other two second grade teachers team teach together and I taught my lesson during one of the rotations. My next lesson is on Monday and I am very excited! I will also be taking on a small group for reading, which I am also so excited for!!!
Another exciting thing I am doing this quarter is taking an art class. Its called Art in the Elementary school. My professor spends very little time lecturing and has us doing art for most of our three hour class. It was been interesting to say the least. The first day of class we did still life drawings of fruit, my fruit turned out but the shading on the fabric it was sitting on did not. We have also made cross-contour drawings, and landscapes. So I decided I might as well share the beautiful works I have made. HA HA HA HA. Other than my fun art class, my classes are going very well. I am learning a lot in my Science and Social Studies methods class and not so much in my Language arts methods class, probably because I am a reading major and it is all review for me. I love my assessment class, who'd a thought, my professor is fabulous and is trying to give us lots of experience in giving assessments. In our last class, we spent almost two hours giving running records to classmates who were pretending to be elementary students. And in my young adult literature, I am learning about lots of great young adult books to read. Mostly I just enjoy reading a lot in that class.
That is basically what is going on in my life. I am hoping to take a trip to Olympia in the next few weeks to visit my best friend who just had a beautiful baby girl, named Caralynn Rose. I can't wait for that!!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back in Scotland

Well after a fun time at my parents in the TC for three weeks I survived another long jornery back to Scotland. I was not sure if I was going to make it for a bit because they over booked the plane and those of us who did not have seats didn't actually get seats until the plane was already loaded, very nerve racking. Anyway made it back to Aberdeen and when we landed it was -13C and lots of snow on the ground. I am staying at a friends house and they are still away so it was freezing in their house since they don't actually have heating, just a fireplace and space heaters. Anyway I start orthopaedic trauma on monday and I am betting I am going to be very busy due to the icy weather, lots of falls making lots of broken bones.

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Day!

Yes! I am doing better. Today was my first day in my new classroom. Just as a refresher, I'm now working in Mrs. Henry's second grade classroom. The new class is going to take some getting used to, the three second grade teachers team teach together, so the studnets are always changing for the core content areas of reading, math, science, and social studies. Also, Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Brynman classrooms are open to one another. So there are lots of studnets names to learn and figuring out the class schedule. But other than the differences from my old classroom. I had a wonderful first day! I got to read with students, corrected A LOT of papers, and just observed Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Brynman teach! I am really excited because I got my first lesson assignment, which I will be teaching very soon! Its going to be on penguins and humans affect on their ecosystem. Its going to be a fun quarter!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

WOW! It has been a long time since my last blog post! Well I guess I will have to fill you all in! Let's start with the end to my fall quarter, I am proud to say that I got some pretty good grades in all my classes and I made Dean's List. So I was pretty happy, I ended up with two 4.0's and three 3.8's. Also, at the end of fall quarter I got to spend two full weeks in my Kindergarten classroom which was a blast. Although, sadly, I got a call from the Education department at EWU during winter break informing me that because I am not a Children's Studies or Early Childhood Education major I could not stay in my Kindergarten class. I was very upset about this and having to start the hunt for a new classroom to work in. But thankfully the Kindergarten teacher that I had been working with set me up with one of her friends that also taught at Opportunity Elementary. So starting this quarter I will be teaching nine hours a week in a second grade classroom. I am very excited!
OK now on to the beginning of winter quarter! I am back in Cheney, I got back on Sunday afternoon and happily there is NO SNOW!!! which is the first time I came back from winter break to no snow! This quarter I am taking an heavy course load this quarter at 21 credit hours! This quarter I am taking the block which is two classes that are some what connected. The first is Social Studies and Science Methods, Managment and assesments for Elementary and it is at 8:00 in the morning so that should be interesting! The second class in the block is, Language Arts Methods, Managment, and Assesment for Elementary. Then I am taking Art in the Elementary School, which should be a blast; Reading Instruction and literature for Young Adults; and Introduction to Reading Assessment and Remidiation. Then on top of this, I will be spending 9 hours in my elementary school classroom and working 19 hours a week! It will definently be a challenge but I figure if I can handle all that then being a full-time teacher will be cake, right????

Anyways, that is all for now! I will try and stay up on this blogging thing, but I can't promise anything.


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