Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I live in a city where there is absolutely amazing public transportation. It is true, and it has been true for awhile. However, I really like to drive to work, I love my 15 minute commute, I love the fact that at any moment during the day I can hop in my car and go. For years I have ignored all my coworkers telling "think about the money you would save on gas and parking," "think about all the free time you would have to read."

With gas prices on the rise I finally decided to give public transportation a try. Last week, I gave up my parking permit and became a commuter. I have to say, it hasn't been that bad. It does add 30 minutes to my trip to work, but I get a short walk in and because of where I live my whole trip falls in the fare-less zone. So I actually have a free commute now, no paying for the train, no paying for parking, no paying for gas.

What do I do with my 25 minute train ride? I knit!


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