Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orkney take 2

I am pleased to say that I survived Orkney without any surgery or hospital stays. Although I did get a bad cold the last week after people had been saying all weekend that I had made it through all healthy. After I got sick people started asking me if I would ever go back to Orkney considering every time I get sick. The answer is YES, I love Orkney, it may be my favorite place in Scotland.
My first weekend up in Orkney it was folk festival time. I went to a concert on friday night which was a folk concert and it was great. The main band that played is from Orkeny and I enjoyed them so much I went and bought their CD. Saturday night I went to a pipe band concert. If you have ever heard the bagpipes you know they are loud, well think of 20 in a gym! It was very loud but really cool. It was really exciting to listen to them. Also watching the drummers was a lot of fun. All the band were really talented!

One Weekend I went to Shapinsay, one of the smaller islands only a 20 min boat ride from Kirkwal, and went on about a 10 mile walk with a friend. My friend was training for a half marathon walk for charity but we survived with no problem. It was a beautiful day, windy but that is Orkney. The sun was shinning so it was good. The island is very small with a tiny village and then farms throughout.

This past weekend I rented a bicycle and went on about a 14 mile adventure on saturday and then spent sunday not being able to sit. I tried for a second trip Monday morning but only made it about 2 miles and was in tons of pain. My legs were fine it was just sitting on the seat. Saturday was cold and cloudy but still a lot of fun. Sunday though I went out to a private beach with friends from church and learned how to play rounders and a game called the chair.

Placement was amazing and I learned a lot. I got to do outpatients, observe women's health, outpatient respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation. I worked under two very experienced physio's and had a great time.

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