Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I take my knitting everywhere

I get teased quite a bit, mainly from my sisters, regarding the ever present knitting project in my purse. For the most part I don't leave the house without my knitting, and usually there is room in my purse to stash a small project like a sock or hat. You just never know when your going to be stuck someplace with valuable time to knit. This practice was justified this weekend, coming back from a short trip to visit my parents. Driving down the gorge there was a pretty bad accident which had traffic stopped in both lanes. I was actually stopped for 45 minutes before traffic started inching along. So for 45 minutes, I was not going out of my mind with boredom or falling asleep or thinking about how long it was taking. I was sitting calmly in my car knitting my sock.


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