Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Wow, the month of March just flew by.

I was able to complete my sock of the month as well as starting a baby sweater for my friend at works new grandson.

I was able to keep up with my book of the week as well for the month.
week 10: Expiration Date by Sherril Jaffe
week 11: Extraordinary, Oridinary People by Condoleezza Rice
week 12: How to be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway
week 13: Mr. Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt

And to add to the month, work began on fixing the falling down garage at my house. As you can see the fixing did not really go so well, so it is in the process of being rebuilt. I am very excited to be able to store my yard equipment with out it getting wet in the never ending Oregon rain.


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