Friday, May 15, 2009

More Holiday highlights

So some of the best things of the holiday:
Munich: Street performers, there were musicians all over playing great music. I was especially impressed by the groups that had the baby grand pianos! The hotel here was also amazing, it was very inexpensive, in a great location and was beautiful. We could not believe out luck!
Vienna: The cake!!! Vienna is known for their cakes, and music, and they were so good. Caryn and I total enjoyed 6 different cakes and the Esterhazytorte was hands down the best one, we actually had it twice. The close second runner up was the Sachertorte, it was so rich and chocolaty it was great.
Prague: Really everything here was a highlight! It was not as warm as in Munich and Vienna but still nice, could wear a tshirt only part of the day and needed a jacket the rest. The whole city was beautiful, every building looked amazing. We had the shortest time here but it was my favorite. The Dvorak museum was really cool, they had a very good history of his life and some items from his home, like his writing desk and piano! There were some of his original scores from a few of his symphanies there as well.
It was a fantastic week in the sun, probably my one week of actual summer weather all year!


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