Friday, May 15, 2009

Munich, Vienna, Prague...Amazing!!

Wow so Caryn and I just took one of the most amazing trips ever. The trip started with two days in Munich. We got some really good beer here and some of the most amazing sausages ever. We went to one of the most famous pub, Hofbrauhaus, and ate tradional white sausages with pretzel and mustard and of course beer (I didn't care for this meal much). We also went to Augustinerbrau and another I can't remember the name. At one of these pubs I got amazing cheese sausages which I think were the best meal of the trip.

Day one we went out to Schloss Nymphenburg (summer palace), to Marienplatz (main square) and saw the Neues Rathaus (New town hall) where has the Glochenspiel and listened to it and we climed up one of the church towers to see the city views. At the palace was an amazing botanical garden that had beautiful flowers. On the second day we went to the Residenz and the South end of the Englischer Garten. Here at the Englischer Garten we got to go paddle boating, it was the coolest thing and one of the highlights of the whole trip. It was very warm and sunny in Munich and I got a sunburn and bought 13.45 euro sun cream!
Vienna was even sunnier and warmer. We spent a lot of our time in the gardens but do admit that the Germans do better gardens then the Austrians. We went to the Belvedere and got to see Monet's Chef painting and Klimt's The Kiss plus many more. We climbed up the Stephansdom and had some amazing views up here, it was well worth the 342 stairs. Other sites we saw were the Staatsoper (with guided tour), Hofburg palace (but didn't go in), parlimaent, Burgtheater, Volkstheater, Palais Trautson, Museum Quartier, Secession Building and lots of monuments. We went to seven gardens the first day and another 3 the second day, it was great seeing the gardens and relaxing in the shade cause it was too warm to lay in the sun! We also went to a concert at Palais Palffy where Mozart has played concerts and listened to music from Mozart and Strauss. Then I bought cello mucis cause why go to Vienna if you are not going to get music, I got Erlkonig - Le Roi des Aulnus by Franz Schubert. The original opera was first played in Vienna!
Prague was my favorite city on the trip! Every building was beautiful, the architecture was incredible. We went all over Prague in a day and half! We went everywhere; the old town square, the Charles bridge, the Prague Castle, old town square/ astronomical clock, the Old New Synagogue, the powder tower, the Dvorak museum plus more! The sites were amazing. We also went to a concer here, it was an Organ concer that played several different composers. We went to the top of the tower of the old town hall and this had the best views of the city, the highlight of the trip.
So overall I enjoyed the whole trip and wish I had more time in each of the cities, there is still many things in each city that I would love to go back and see some day!


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