Monday, June 21, 2010

Ocean Trip

Last week, the cousins were visiting from the mid-west for KJ's graduation. They were going to spend a few days in Newport, OR before going back east, so I tagged along. I had a wonderful time, running around the beach in the rain, mist, & wind with the two little boys. They showed no fear to the cold water & spent a good amount of time running in & out of the waves.

We had a good time, visiting all of the beach shops, searching with no luck for an oyster with a pearl. We visited the Newport Aquarium to see the sharks, and the Underwater Gardens to see the octopus; where we also learned that the sea star is one of the most dangerous predators in the ocean. Not far from here, we walked along the pier and heard lots of barking, we looked down and what did we see....about 20 sea lions hanging out & talking to one another. The cage that it looks like they are sleeping in, is a movable cage that the coast guard takes out to use to help rescue sea lions, when its not in use the locals like to use it for their naps.

We had a late night smores & camp fire on the beach before coming back to Portland. We also had the chance to visit the tidal pools and see fun creatures.


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