Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall is in the Air

The weather is changing here in Portland - the nights are cool the days are crisp and more often then not there is a continuous drizzle of moisture. So I try to take advantage of those dry & sunny days while they last. I'm trying to clear out the weeds that have managed to grow uncontrollably between the flowers & other plants in my yard.

On one such day, I was attempting to pull weeds in between the holly tree and the hedge separating my yard from my neighbors immaculate yard. And I ran across the largest spider I have ever seen. It totally spooked me & I was just positive that this was some sort of deadly tarantula & that I should probably contact animal control. So I very carefully left him undisturbed to grab my camera. I was able to get my picture & then I realized that the spider had not moved in quite some time. So very carefully with a very long stick I moved the branch that the spider was hiding under. What did I find....well my guess is that the neighbors grandchildren had been play
ing next to the hedge & left one of their toys.

Luckily I had not called the news station yet.


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