Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Weekends

Weekends have been pretty busy for me this September.

Two weekends ago was the annual Race for the Cure in Portland, which is the largest race on the west coast. I could really tell, as I maneuvered through the crowed waterfront park with my friend. This was our 8th year, and our best time just a little over an hour for 5K's. Which might not sound fast, but when your trying to walk along with 40,000 other people your not usually too speedy. We had fun, came home with a bag full of goodies from local vendors, & raised money for a good cause, and best of all it did not start raining until we finished the race.

Last weekend, my parents visited to help me remove an ugly bush from my front yard. The bush removal was a success and we even managed to have some fun activities. Including a trip to the Portland Farmer's Market & several yummy restaurants.

This weekend I'm hoping for good weather, so I can finish more yard work before the fall rains begin again. I'm also going to try to attend the Annual Oregon Archives Crawl that the Oregon Historical Society is sponsoring.


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