Thursday, October 28, 2010


The fall weather has really hit Oregon and what that means in Portland is rain. The rain has begun and with a few exceptions it will continue to rain until about June. That means for us Portlanders we spend a lot of time doing indoor activities. For me that activity is knitting, I have become an exceptional knitter during the past 10 years (or at least I think so).

Being a knitter for me, is all about the process and not actually the final product, which is why I don't really knit many things for myself. I tend to give away most of what I knit, which is a good thing that I have friends & coworkers with
children. The past month I have knitted 3 dinosaur hats, a pumpkin hat, and a puppy dog.

This next month, I plan to finish up a toy dinosaur, a knit one or two pairs of socks. Stay tuned for more pictures.


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