Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Review

I belong to a online group called Library Thing. Its a website mainly for cataloging your books, but it has a fun aspect of interacting with other people who are interested in the same kind of books. One of my favorite things about Library Thing is that they get books before they are published & they let a few lucky members each month review the books for free. I have always wanted to review a book, but as there are a limited number of books & a huge number of members who want to review, people are chosen by lottery.

Luckily, I was chosen this last month to review a book called, Christmas Chronicles: The Legend of Santa Claus by Tim Slover.

Here is my review:

The Christmas Chronicles is a heartwarming story about a man who discovers a book, "the true and authorized chronicle of Klaus." The actual story inside the story about Klaus is really unique and fun. He was an carpenter, who wants to make children happy after the black death hits his small village, by leaving wood carved toys outside their front doors. As more and more villages hear about his activities they too want a visit. His good deed, grows from just his village to the entire world with the help of his wife Anna, an evil bad man, and a group of Saints. The outside story, that of the narrator reading the chronicle, is pretty cheesy and not very interesting. Overall it is a book I recommend reading this winter.


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