Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sock Summit 2011

Sock Summit, the biannual sock knitting convention happened again in Portland this year. It was 5 days filled with 6,000 knitters in the Convention Center, classes, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, shopping, and even a flash mob. You will have to do a YouTube search of Sock Summit Flash Mob, to see a video of people dancing with skeins of yarn, it was supper fun.

One of the most interesting events was a sheep to foot competition. In 6 hours groups of 5 people had to shear a sheep, clean the wool, spin the wool, and knit a pair of socks. It was fascinating to watch.

My favorite time at the convention was being able to attend a lecture by my favorite knitter & author Stephanie Pearl-McPee. And after the lecture I was able to get a picture with her holding the sock I was knitting.
Very Exciting!


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