Sunday, August 23, 2009


So I am a bit behind with telling everyone what I am up to. June 22 I began a placement in Perth doing stroke rehabilitation in the stroke unit at Perth Royal Infirary. I was not really looking forward to it thinking that I was not going to like that area of physio but ended up really enjoying it and learning lots. It is not an area of physio that I would like to specialize in but it was a great experience and am really glad I now have the background knowledge, it will come in handy if I ever work in acute wards in a hospital. I did really well on the placement and managed to get a B on it. While in Perth I did a little exploring of the city and walked out to Scone Palace. Scone is where the Scottish King's and Queen were crowned. The palace is lived in by the Earl of Mansfield and family. The stone of destiny is no longer in place there but there is a replica. The one that they believe is the real one that was stolen and then returned to Scotland many years later is in Edinburgh but tests on the stone are looking like it is not actually the real one. If that is the case then no one knows where the real stone of destiny is. Also at the Palace is the David Dougallas Tree which is a tree that was planted from a seed that was brought to Scotland from the Columbia River.

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