Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I finally made it to Edinburgh, I know kinda lame that it took me nearly two years to get there but what can I say, I have gotten to see a lot of Scotland and have loved it. Edinburgh was not too bad, well the very small area that Alley and I toured. We stuck close to the royal mile cause we didn't have a map and did not want to get lost. We went to the castle which was pretty cool and had great views. We went to lots of souvenir shops but did not buy anything besides some shortbread for Alley's soilders and family and a small box of Edinburgh Castle Rock, which is a really strange candy that is kinda like tums, very weird. We also went on a ghost tour of the south bridge vaults. It was a bit scary being in there but nothing happen, besides me having nightmears for the next few days. Overall it was a pretty enjoyable day. Oh and we got our photos with William Wallace!

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