Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road Trip!!

While Alley is here Caryn, Safina and I decided to rent a car to show her some different parts of Scotland. Day one we drove the four hours to Glencoe. Since fall has hit here the colors along the way were amazing and in Glencoe everything looked brilliant shades of organge, it was great. We drove through several glens and saw some great sites and stoped in a few towns along the way. Day two we took a drive up the coast along the coastal road. We went to three fishing villages that are down the cliffs one of which you cannot drive to you have to walk because there is no room in the village for cars. We went along all the way to Cullen and then turned around and drove back via a small village with a tall slender church. Day three we drove to Lochnagar and hiked up most of it, all the way to the Loch. It was a long hike, took four hours round trip but it was lots of fun and very exhasting. We did see a man hiking up that was wearing a kilt and that pretty much made all our days. The view from the top would have been great except for the gail force winds trying to knock us off the mountian so not many photos were taken up there. We took the scenic trip back to stonehaven and saw some more great sites.

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