Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spa Holiday

For my last holiday in Scotland before returning to the US, Lauren, Safina and I went to Pitlochry to go to the spa at the Scotland's Hotel. It was great fun for all of us. Once we got to Pitlochry we took a little drive and went out to Queen's view, and typically Scotland it rained on us. Really it snowed while we were eating out lunch in the car and then went back to rain when we walked out to the view, then stopped raining after we got back to the car. At the spa I got a massage and a facial, which I felt great after. We also did some swimming, lounging by the pool, enjoyed the jacuzzi and the sauna. Before leaving Pitlochry we took a two hour walk around Loch Faskally and through some of the Faskally woods, very beautiful. The drive home was interesting, we were not expecting snow when we took the scenic route home however we encountered a lot of snow, bit nerve racking for Safina who was driving since she does not have much experience in snow driving and none in that much. The snow on the trees looked like cotton stuck to them, which made the snow look really pretty. We made it home safely with no real problems. Over all we all had a fantastic time.

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