Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sun and Rain

So saturday Safina, Caryn and I thought that since it was sunny we would go to Duthie Park, which I had never been to but now think it is one of the best places in Aberdeen. The park is really beautiful. Since it was saturday we got to see some cricket games being played, all six teams wearing white, and we climbed a tree. We also went to the botanical garden and there I got a new plant to brighten up my flat. I got an oxalis triangular or purple shamrock. It is really pretty. After I bought it I relized that I am going to be away for 10 weeks so now my solution is that I am going to be traveling with my plant! I think I might get a few weird looks on the boat up and back from Orkney!!After we were done walking at the park it started raining. Would not be Aberdeen without rain so we ended up walking the 30 min back to my flat in the rain. We were drenched when we got to my flat but then we had a cup of tea some cheese cake and watched Mama Mia!

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