Thursday, September 24, 2009

Book Club BBQ

I decided to have my book club over for an end of summer barbecue this week. I have a very cute red Weber BBQ that my roommates have used several times this year, but I had not. I figured how hard could it be, I've watched them use it & I have cooked on charcoal grills before. Well, as it turns out, it can be difficult to light charcoal especially if you forget the lighter fluid. Once that problem was identified it was pretty easy to get flames. However, I could not keep the flames going or seem to get the charcoal hot enough. After an hour of trying, I gave up and cooked the turkey/veggie burgers inside.

The burgers were really good I mixed into the ground turkey chopped carrots, onion, & spinach. My new food processor that I received for my birthday worked fabulous.

The really funny part is, I am just really impatient because after the burgers were cooked & we finished eating I went back outside & the BBQ was all ready to go. So I ended up BBQing the rest of the burgers outside at 8:30 at night.


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  1. Tiah, I love it that is great! I laughed but only a little


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