Sunday, September 6, 2009

Braemar Gathering

I got to see the Queen!!

So very exciting I went to the Braemar Gathering this year and this highland games is very special because the Queen attends, well she attends for about an hour. I went with my classmate Rod and we got seats infront of the heavy events but these seats were not great and so ended up after an hour walking round a bit and finding standing room directly accross the field from the Royal Booth, which meant good view of the Queen when she arrived. It was great fun, they do all the events at the same time so you get to see lots of things all at once. They had the traditiaonal caber tossing, hammer toss, tug-a-war and many other events. I think caber tossing was my favorite but the throwing a heavy weight over a high bar was a close second. In one of the running events there were two men that actually wore kilts, which they don't usually do this for the running events. Another cool even is running up a hill where they go and run up and back down this giant hill close to town. Although we were a ways from the Queen it was still really cool to see her. Many of the Royal family attended the games. Over all it was a very cold and enjoyable day.

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