Monday, March 23, 2009

KelliJean's Spring Break Adventures Part One!

It's Spring Break! I made it successfully through winter quarter and survived! I just got back from my first spring break adventure, my friends Cara and Emily and I went to Portland for the first weekend of break. We got there on friday night and spent almost all day saturday shopping and then the big event was going to see the musical Wicked, which is about the life of the witches of Oz. The show was amazing! Tiah came with us and we all got dressed up for the show.

Then on Sunday Cara, Emily, and I went to Cannon Beach and spent the day on the coast. It was both Cara and Emily's first visit to Cannon Beach so we ate at Mo's, walked down the beach to haystack rock and toured downtown Cannon beach and looked at all the fun shops. Then on our way back to Tiah's house we stopped by my favorite cupcake bakery, Saint Cupcake!

Finally on monday all us girls, Tiah included woke up early, well for me, got coffee and went to powells bookstore in downtown and looked around for almost an hour. Then Cara, Emily and I headed off but we made a little stop at Multnomah Falls and had a picnic as well as made the short hike to the bridge over the falls. All in all the trip was a great success! the weather was ok for portland and the coast and we all had an amazing time! Now I'm back in Kennewick for the next two days and then I will be heading off to Salem, Oregon with my roommate shannon! It should be fun!!!

Kelli Jean

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