Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Nursery for Tiah's friend

I spent almost all night yesterday/early this morning helping my good friend Marcia paint her nursery. She is expecting her first baby at the end of next month.

Using earth friendly paint from a local company called Yolo, which I totally recommend, the paint did not smell at all. We used clay (brown) for 3 walls and water (blue) for the 4th. Then polka dots in water (blue) and leaf (yellowish green). It turned out beautifully, although around 1:30am Marcia's husband came in to tell us we were crazy. We finished around 2:00am and then had to make a run to Walmart for curtain rods.

It would have been smarter to start before 8:00pm, but we got it done and will be able to have the nursery completed well before baby boy Kelly arrives.

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