Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well my life is not nearly as exciting as Meagan's or Tiah's. Basically it is a constant flurry of classes and school work. This Winter quarter has been full of snow! As you can tell this was the beautiful view from our porch when we got back from Christmas break! Thankfully most of the snow is gone now! And I am looking forward to spring weather!
Winter quarter is wrapping up. I took Elementary Structures of Math 2, which was all about geometry; Classroom Management, where I learned about how to organize my future classroom; Foundations of Assessment, in which I learned about different assessment theories and strategies; P.E. in the Elementary School, which as you could probably guess is all about physical education theories and practices; and Education 200 which was five weeks long and we filled about a ton of paper work. So as you can probably guess I was extremely busy with school work this quarter!

Outside of School I play intramural volleyball, which we made it to the semi-finals this quarter, and am a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. They both just give me sometime to do things other than homework.

I am excited to be done with this quarter and get spring quarter going! I have two finals down and one more to go! So for the next two days I will madly be reviewing geometry and probability for my math final! Wish me luck!


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