Friday, November 13, 2009

Class Farewell

On Novemer 11 after our dissertations were due the university lectures hosted a reception for us. Caryn, Safina and I were late because the bus took forever to get into Aberdeen however it was very nice. Fiona, the couse leader was still off ill but sent an email to say a few words it was very nice. We stood around in the classroom drinking wine and beer and having finger food. It was good to see everyone again since I had not seen many of my classmates in a while so good to see them. After the reception at school we all headed to The Old School House (a pub) and we had food and drinks and lots of fun talking and spending time with each other. The farewell was a bit sad and I cried saying goodbye to some of my classmates. Overall though it was great. I am going to really miss my class, we have all grown very close over the two years. We got a photo of us all. We were only missing one girl who broke her arm last week and went home to recover.

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