Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lost our minds

Question...What do you do when you lose your mind with less than two weeks till your dissertation is do? Well the answer of course is rent a car! Caryn and I decided that we wanted something fun to do this saturday since we are very nearly done with our disertations and going to be leaving Scotland soon. We got the car for the whole weekend cause it is a better deal that way. Friday afternoon after spending the morning staring at my work trying to think how to add a few more words we went on a drive down the coast a wee bit. We ended up finding this amazing beach in Catterline. The waves were great! Saturday we drove down south to the Scottish boarders and went to the four boarder abby ruins. They were incredible. The first was in Melrose. The architecture was absolutly amazing. Unfortunatly my camera stopped working so I didn't get any photos, but will be getting loads from Caryn. Here the heart of Robert the Bruce is burried. Bought some batteries and the camera started working again, lucky for me. Next stop was Drybrugh Abby. This abby was smaller but just as beautiful. This one is smaller but a bit further off the road so very peacefull. Here Sir Walter Scott is burried. Next we drove up to a view point called Scott's View, it is where Sir Walter Scott loved to look out at the hills rising out of the Tweed valley, and I can say that it was beautiful. Very easy to see why this was his favorite spot. The next abby was my favorite, Jedburgh Abby. The archs on this abby were my favorite. The whole abby was beautiful, there was a bit of construction on part of it but it was still great to see. Also in Jedburgh we went to Mary Queen of Scots house, it was a very nice moderate sized stone cottage. I am sure back in her day is was a very large house. There was tons of information about her there but we didn't really have much time to sit and read through it all so we just had a short tour of the house. The last abby was the Kelo Abby. Although all that is left of this abby is just a small portion, in it's day it was the largest of the four boarder abby's. Just by looking at what is left you can tell it was huge. This abby was very beautiful too even though just a small part is left. Before coming home we stoped at Smailholm Tower, since we had gotten a student pass that got us entrance into it. This is a 15th century boarder home that once belonged to the Pringle's. As a boy Sir Walter Scott went to this home because his grandfather owned it. It has lots of history, google it if you want to know more. Anyway it was a really great day, the weather was warm and sunny, warm for the last day of october. Sunday we after church we drove to Glen Esk, which was wonderful. However the rains were pouring down torentually and so we were a bit worried about flooding so we were not out for long. Over all it was a very good weekend. Best part was the no work, but monday back to it.

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