Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Night

For our last night all together everyone came out to the house in Stonehaven for dinner. After a long day of packing and giving half of my things to charity it was great to have everyone gathered for a night of fun. We got real Champagne and celebrated in style. Dinner had a autum theme so for starter I made sweet potato apple bake, Rod brought cheese and crackers. For main Caryn made chili, David and Lauren made corn bread, and Saf made a traditional dessert. It was truely a great night although a bit sad knowing that we will not all be living in the same location ever again. The past two years have been really great thanks to the great firends that I have made. The six of us will be friends for a very long time even though we are not living in the same countries, we have already started planning holidays together, and we will be keeping in touch.

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